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Photos © Kurt Van der Elst


Fervour (a cheerful pleasure in the absurdity of the human condition) and a penchant for the unsayable. Few words, lots of pieces of string, snow, colours and angular figures, doors which open and close.Take a seat and enjoy this wavering and restless, changeable and fleeting work. A diorama, a show-box, a Wunderkammer, a table theatre.


By and with
Iwan Van Vlierberghe
Han Stubb
Sébastien Hednrickx
Sven Roofthooft
Louisa Vanderhaege
Benjamin Verdonck
Griet Stellamans

Toneelhuis (Antwerpen - BE)
KVS (Brussels - BE)

Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels - BE)
Steirischer Herbst (Graz - AT) 

Something Great (Berlin - DE)

with the support  NXTSTP with funding from the Culture Programme of the European Union


“With a minimum of means, Verdonck elicits a maximum of theatre pleasure. Not an ambitious, intellectual pleasure but the simple pleasure of enjoying, in utter silence, the concentration with which an artist plays an intimate game, through which he even makes us empathize with the most banal of objects.”

Els Van Steenberghe
Knack.be, May 7th 2014

“Verdonck pulls the strings of this geometric ballet himself, just as he once did in WEWILLLIVESTORM. At least as disarming as the animation is the animator. All silent encouragement for his objects, on the tips of his toes, like a dancer he pulls on a wooden triangle which suddenly turns on its end or performs a pirouette. (…) Nothing in the sleeves, all in the hands.”

Wouter Hillaert
De Standaard ***, 5th of May 2014

“This is not just a bit of tomfoolery to please the audience. This goes beyond pleasure. This is like a work by Miró, playful and profound. This is a form of transcendency to a different state of being, this is zen, detachment.”

Tuur Devens
Theaterkrant.nl ****, 14th of May 2014