SOMETHING GREAT exists since 2017.

We are a new independent arts management office based in Berlin, Germany. 

We are specialized in international contemporary performing arts ( live performance, dance, theater, music) and we have a strong interest in art forms that cannot  be categorized.

As an organization, we evolve with time into unpredictable forms of collaborations with artists and art projects from all over the world, always trying to adapt and respond to their needs. Our collaborations are like any natural phenomenon, we can’t know its form or duration; we can’t predict it.  

We curate a portfolio of artists and artistic creations that we believe in and want to support, who are thought-provoking and inspirational; and who, each in their own way, are engaged with our time, shaping culture, society and contemporary art practices.

Our mission is to support their artistic development and give a greater international visibility to their projects.  

Click here to know more about our current artists and projects collaborations. 

We are committed to a broader approach to arts management as a curatorial practice related to artistic endeavors,  finding tailor-made ways to support the artistic development of our artists and art projects, while being busy with the processes of  international representation, mediation, tour management, co-production and  presentation of their work.  Our bonds and close relationship with our artists is key. How to curate – to produce, present, disseminate, distribute, know, explain, or historicize - their visions and works of arts.

As an internationally active organization, we are also committed to minimising the impact our international activities (tours, etc) can place on the environment.
Read here our environmental policy.

If you would like to know more about us and how we work, please don’t hesitate to reach us.