Something Great is a Berlin-based independent organization dedicated to contemporary dance, performance, theater, and live art at the intersection of performance and visual arts. Our mission is to champion outstanding, forward-thinking artists of our time, regardless of their age, gender, or background;  artists who think outside the box, break molds, and defy expectations with art that is both a mirror and a question mark.

Throughout the year we develop a wide range of activities that seamlessly work together, likethe  interconnected components of an ecosystem. Through them we provide artists with comprehensive, tailored, and long-term support, addressing their evolving needs at various stages of their artistic processes and careers, while creating opportunities for wide-ranging audiences to experience the transformative power of contemporary performance.

Throughout the year, we represent associate artists, hailing from different parts of the world. We support them in realizing new artistic creations and tour internationally. Thus far, and still counting up, we've organized almost two thousand guest performances and international tours, bringing the work of our associate artists to diverse audiences across the world.  In the past we have represented artists who have since become stars in the world of performance, like Florentina Holzinger. Our support has been instrumental in advancing their international careers and helping them take significant steps in their journey as independent artists. 

Collection: In addition to supporting the production, presentation, and circulation of our associate artists works, through our collection, we are also commited to the preservation and dissemination of remarkable performance works by international artists, including of those we represent, past and present, as well as other artists. We do so by nurturing their ongoing artistic development, making them more accessible and visible through iterations, re-creations, restorations, and explorations of new formats of transmission and research of these works and their artistic processes. 

House: Since 2022, we've established a new arts center at Schloss Mentin's estate, a historic site in the village of Mentin in Ruhner Berge, a rural community in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, located just one-hour and a half drive from both Berlin and Hamburg. Our house is as a workspace for our associate artists, our collection projects, as well as a residency space for other artists we support. There we also develop ocassionaly, various public programs.  

Programs: With a strong focus on contemporary artistic expression, we occasionally develop public programs that encompass international, multidisciplinary series of events, festivals and exhibitions that present  dance, performance, theater, music, and visual arts. These programs showcase works by our associate artists, collection, and other artists, and are presented in unconventional and conventional indoor and outdoor spaces, of our house and other venues within the Ruhner Berge municipality, as well as in Berlin and other cities across Germany, Europe, and beyond, thanks to the collaboration of various national and international partner venues.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.