Photographs: (1)  Earth view from space © NASA (2) Dorothée Munyaneza © Kyle Johnson


Can choreography close the gaps in our historical memory? Akal (Tamazight for Earth) is the third piece of a trilogy by Radouan Mriziga, in which he draws inspiration from the epistemologies of the Imazighen, the indigenous people of North Africa. Their oral culture was ignored for centuries, but for Mriziga it contains the seed of a new future. Each piece of the trilogy is focused on mythological female figures who embody and protect the Amazigh culture. In Akal the muse is the ancient Egyptian goddess Neith, associated with birth and death, who guides the souls of the dead to the underworld. In this solo, Mriziga celebrates Neith’s strength in collaboration with the Rwandan choreographer, dancer and singer Dorothée Munyaneza. Rituals, traditional dances, architecture, storytelling, song, poetry, rap: in Akal, everything comes together in an intimate choreographic space in which a fresh look at a suppressed past makes us dream of a more inclusive future.


Concept and Choreography  
Radouan Mriziga

By and with
Dorothée Munyaneza

Movement transmission 
Maïté Minh Tâm Jeannolin
Sondos Belhassen

Research support 
Esther Severi
Hajar Ibnouthen

Scenographic concept
Estelle Gautier
Tewa Barnosa
Radouan Mriziga

Visual artist
Tewa Barnosa

Light design
Estelle Gautier
Tewa Barnosa

Technical Director
Estelle Gautier

Lila John


in collaboration with 
Something Great

DeSingel (Antwerp - BE)
Kaaitheater (Brussels - BE)
Tanzquartier Wien (Vienna - AT)
PACT Zollverein (Essen - DE)
Festival de Marseille (Marseille - FR)
Walker Art Center
(Minneapolis - US) 
Wexner Center for the Arts
(Columbus - US)
Contemporary Arts Center 
(Cincinnati - US)
(Genk - BE)

Distribution and Tour Management
Something Great

Funded by
De Vlaamse Overheid