Photographs: HARM-ONY © Mila Ercoli, Isabel Ortíz


Belgian thinker Isabelle Stengers proposes that Gilles Deleuze's concept of the "idiot" encourages us to question our assumptions and see equality as a celebration of diversity rather than uniformity. In HARM-ONY, people engage in a range of activities, offering a unique and diverse experience.

HARM-ONY, created by Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo, is a collaborative project that includes an intensive workshop with 10 to 15 local artists from the hosting city or place. It provides a distinct space for exploring equality as a facet of diversity, inviting us to rethink society as a dynamic environment where various beings, both human and nonhuman, come to life through a variety of movements and connections. These movements and connections encompass the paths they follow, their intensity, the energy that propels them, and the interactions and friction that arise along the way.


Concept, creation and direction
Marcela Levi & Lucia Russo

Performance and co-creation
Ícaro Gaya
Tamires Costa
Victor Oliveira

10 local professional performers

Lights design
Johnatan Inostroza

Sound and costumes design
Levi & Russo

Photography and video
Mila Ercoli and Isabel Ortíz

Improvável Produções 

Iberescena/  Funarte

Something Great

Something Great

Artistic Residences / Support
Rio de Janeiro Choreographic Center / Rio de Janeiro Municipality - Secretary of Culture; Consulate of Argentina in Rio de Janeiro; Espaço Cultural Sítio Canto da Sabiá; NAVE

Funded by
Iberescena / Funarte - Fund for Co-production of Iberoamerican Creations 2018 and the Chilean Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage - Dance Department and the International Unit through FONDART National Call for Projects 2018