Photographs:  Iron Mouth © Gelson Catatau, Elisa Mendes,

Iron Mouth 

He dances like a madman to sordid Latin American rhythms. Among the spectators, the dancer Ícaro dos Passos Gaya delivers the final blow. The beats that we hear refer back to northern Brazil's smuggling routes in the 1950s and the uplifting music that came from it.

The traditional music of the Pará region in Brazil has its roots in Caribbean rhythms. Along with perfume and whiskey, smugglers from the area also introduced merengue, salsa, and zouk. Wild parties were held to that music, often announced through a person with a megaphone, known as the so-called 'Boca de Ferro,' or 'iron mouth.' More than sixty years later, music and culture live on in Tecno Brega's furious beats. Every month, there are around 3000 Tecno Brega parties in this region.

In this solo by the Brazilian choreographer Marcela Levi and the Argentinian Lucía Russo, the audience and dancer share the same room. The performer's ecstasy, sweat, and exhaustion are unavoidable. The Tecno Brega beats rain down, and the man becomes possessed by it. It is a hellish dance, irreverent, playful, provocative, fierce, crafty, and sensual. This is music that takes possession of the dancers. In that possessed state, all the good and bad sides of people come to the surface in an ecstatic manifestation of humanity.


Artistic direction 
Marcela Levi
Lucía Russo 

Performance and co-creation 
Ícaro dos Passos Gaya 

Tamires Costa

Sound and costume design
All team 

Light design
Isadora Giuntini

Improvável Produções 

Co-Production & Distribution 
Something Great 

Supported by 
Centro Coreográfico do Rio de JaneiroConsulado de Argentina en Rio de JaneiroEspaço Cultural Sitio Canto da SabiáDança GamboaGraner / Sâlmon Festival and Sala Hiroshima