Collage: © Icaro Gaya / Photographs © Paula Kossatz

Let it Burn 

by Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo in collaboration with Tamires Costa

In Let it Burn, Marcela Levi, Lucía Russo and Tamires Costa confront the audience with historical and current stereotypes of black dancers' bodies. By invoking in turn burlesque standards, stand up, show off and even music hall, dancer Tamires Costa shatters and subverts these codes by excessively embodying them: bulging eyes, frenetic dances, smiles deformed to the point of rictus and prominent white teeth reminiscent, among other things, of the practices of blackface in the United States and the performances of Josephine Baker. The references to Nina Simone's hypnotic and imperious body movements or Michael Jackson's virtuosity and perfectly judged technical skill also weave a narrative arc through black history. Before the audience, the stage turns into an arena in which Tamires Costa makes herself both the guardian and agent of the claim about the body's explosive power in response to the domestication of African descent people in Brazil who are told not to be too visible in public.


Artistic direction
Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo

By and with  
Tamires Costa

Tamires Costa
Ícaro dos Passos Gaya

Taís Almeida
Anne Naukkarinen

all the team

Light design 
Catalina Fernández

Levi & Russo

Video documentation
Renato Mangoli
Luiz Guilherme Guerreiro

Improvável Produções 

Something Great

Artistic residencies
Centro Coreográfico do Rio de Janeiro, Consulado da Argentina no Rio de Janeiro, Espaço Cultural Sítio Canto da Sabiá, Projeto Entre

Bisturi Material Hospitalar

Something Great