Photographs: © Akane Shirai, Courtesy of Kyoto Experiment;  Inés Bacher

From Attica 

When faced with extreme solitude, like those experienced by travelers and prisoners, people have often turned to writing letters to communicate with their loved ones and express their innermost thoughts and feelings. Sam Melville, who was held in Attica prison on charges of vandalizing public property in protest of the Vietnam War, wrote letters from the prison and was killed during the Attica prison riots in 1971. His and other's writings in similar conditions demonstrate the power of determination even in the face of loneliness. In Letters from Attica, Begüm Erciyas combines sound and instruction to create a solitary yet collective experience. Multiple voices are used to bring words and sentences to life in public space. Letters from Attica is a journey, a search for a way to make one voice heard by the many.


Begüm Erciyas

Developed with
Sara Manente, Katja Dreyer, Gaëtan Boulourde, Maru Mushtrieva, Ayşe Orhon

Dries Douibi

Live intervention
Sara Manente, Katja Dreyer, Gaëtan Boulourde

Production management
Barbara Greiner, Klein Verzet


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