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Diana Niepce, O Outro Lado da Dança  (The Other Side of Dance), 2022. . Performance at Citemor, Montemor-O-Novo, Portugal,  2022. Courtesy: the artist. Photos:  © Eduardo Breda, Paulo Pimenta

O Outro Lado da Dança (The Other Side of Dance) 

“I'm interested in observing the dance archive and understanding the hierarchy that organises the body. To approach the other side of dance and understand the secret of its  movement. Looking at its history and understanding, in an experimental way, the chronology of this other side of dance - and through it - challenging my body.” - Diana Niepce

In "O Outro Lado da Dança" (The Other Side of Dance) choreographer and performer Diana Niepce brings to the stage the voices of the invisible in the history of dance; bodies outside the norm. Artists such as Artur Zmijewski, Bill Shannon, Claire Cunningham, David Toole, Neil Marcus, Michael Turinsky, Lisa Bufano, and Raimund Hoghe inhabit the show, and each of these names, in their own way, gives voice to the other side of dance and allows a new body to flourish.

The performance is structured around the study and in-depth analysis of physics and the movement of artists outside the norm, appropriating their languages and transforming them into an identity itself.


Artistic Direction and Performance
Diana Niepce

Creation and Movement Support, and Performance
Ana Sofia Leite

Research Support
Carlos Oliveira

Gonçalo Alegria

Lighting Design
Carlos Ramos

Costume Design
Silvana Ivaldi

Set Design
Bruno Capucho - Ohcupa

João Saraiva
Ricardo Paz

As Niepce’s

Something Great

Citemor Festival

Artistic Residencies
PACT Zollverein
Marvila Library - CML
O Espaço do Tempo
Oliva Creative Factory - CMSJM
Teatro da Cerca de São Bernardo

Funded by 
DGArtes | Ministério da Cultura