Photographs: Tafukt © Estelle Valente, 2020. Courtesy of São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Alkantara Festival 2020. 


In Tafukt, Mriziga combines traditional Amazigh dance with contemporary choreography to create a powerful tool of resistance. He reclaims the figure of Athena, who is usually portrayed as a white, European goddess, as an Imazighen goddess, restoring her place in the region’s history and giving her a voice. By re-appropriating her, Mriziga is able to make a statement about the marginalisation of the Imazighen and the importance of including their stories in the official narrative. Through his work, Mriziga is able to imagine a more inclusive future, one in which the Imazighen are no longer sidelined but proudly take their place in the region’s history and culture.


Concept & choreography
Radouan Mriziga

Radouan Mriziga & Estelle Gautier

Dance & performance
Maïté Minh Tâm Jeannolin

Artistic assistant
Sondos Belhassen

Costume design
Lila John 

Poems and songs
Nisrine Mbarki, Dorothée Munyaneza, Hindi Zahra & Popytirz

El Hit by Dj VAN, Pain by Krtas Nssa & Awache N-haha

Light design
Estelle Gautier 

Dramaturgical support and text editing
Esther Severi

Research support
Hajar Ibnouthen & Esther Severi

Text references
Manifesto for Good Living/Buen Viver by Boaventura de Sousa Santos


Something Great

Kaaitheater, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Moussem Nomadisch Kunstencentrum, PACT Zollverein, Alkantara, deSingel & Parallèle / L’Officina and Kanuti Gildi SAAL/ SAAL Biennaal festival within the frame of MORE THAN THIS – Creative Europe

With the support of
De Vlaamse Overheid

Thanks to
Kunstencentrum BUDA