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Photographs: Maria Hassabi, White Out, 2023. Performance at Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong, 2023. Courtesy of the artist. © Thomas Poravas

White Out 

Maria Hassabi has long been a pioneer in live installations that delve into the sculptural body, image-making, and the slowing down of time. Her works often feature dancers moving at a glacial, almost imperceptible pace, presenting Hassabi's pieces as a confrontation with living sculptures for the audience. These works bring the performing body into spaces such as museums, theaters, and public venues, challenging the boundaries between visitors and performers, subjects and objects.

"White Out" is a live installation and exhibition by Maria Hassabi, created as part of "I'll Be Your Mirror" commissioned by Tai Kwun Contemporary (Hong Kong). In "White Out," a white carpet bathed in bright white light forms the setting. Two identical gold mirrored benches are deliberately positioned to face the surrounding white gallery walls, as if they were standard museum benches for viewing artworks on the walls. However, the walls remain bare. A single dancer, placed on one of the benches, embodies a sculptural physicality. Small white speakers are scattered throughout the room, and a large photograph drapes over one of the plinths. Reflections occur on the surfaces of the golden mirrored benches, portraying fragments of the dancer, the viewers, and the installation. “White Out” blurs the boundaries between performer and spectactor, observer and observed, reality and illusion. It's a quest for rest, for a place to exist, to become, to breathe.


By and with
Maria Hassabi

Architectural Study
Maria Maneta
Maria Hassabi

Sound design
Stavros Gasparatos
Maria Hassabi

Clothing design
Victoria Bartlett
Venia Polyhronaki

Commissioned by
Tai Kwun Contemporary as part of the solo exhibition “Maria Hassabi: I’ll Be Your Mirror” 

Management and Distribution
Something Great