Photographs: Every Body Electric © Peter Empl, Tmuna Theater,Einhard Winkler 

Every Body Electric

In "Every Body Electric," Doris Uhlich, following her previous duet "Ravemachine" with Michael Turinsky, once again collaborates with individuals who have physical disabilities. Within this piece, she explores her concept of "Energetic Icons," giving rise to both individual and collective "energy dance forms."

Each person possesses unique methods of expressing their dynamics and physical pleasure. Movements themselves can serve as an internal source of fuel, charging the body. "Every Body Electric" extends a straightforward yet radical invitation to explore these potentials through dance, bringing them to the forefront and delving deep into an energy-centric archaeology. This work poses questions about the innovative possibilities that emerge when machines, such as wheelchairs, prostheses, or crutches, are reimagined and presented as extensions of the body.

In "Every Body Electric," personal rhythms, dynamics, beats, and bodily characteristics naturally give birth to distinct dance styles. The explosive power and the gentle or forceful poetry of "Every Body Electric" ultimately depend on how the performers perceive their own bodies and how others perceive them.

As Doris Uhlich elucidates, "The various performers are dedicated to unlocking their physical potentials. Through this process, I continuously discover that even the slightest movement can carry great intensity. Normative ideas and concepts of energy and power are disrupted and shaken."

In "Every Body Electric," Doris Uhlich challenges traditional notions of physicality, energy, and power, inviting audiences to reconsider their perceptions of the body and its expressive possibilities.


"Every Body Electric" has been and can be performed in four different versions: 

Large version: Featuring 8 performers.
Medium version: Involving 6 performers.
Small version: Utilizing 3 performers.
Mini Version: Featuring 2 performers.


Doris Uhlich

Elisabeth Schack

Performance (8 performers version)
Erwin Aljukic, Yanel Barbeito Delgado, Adil Embaby, Sandra Mader, Karin Ofenbeck, Thomas Richter Vera Rosner-Nógel, Katharina Zabransky

Light, Space
Gerald Pappenberger

Boris Kopeinig

Zarah Brandl

Yoshie Maruoka, Theresa Rauter

Margot Wehinger, Theresa Rauter

Press and Communication
Jonathan Hörnig

Something Great

Thanks to Omar Gomez Hernandez and all assistants of the performers

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