Photographs: ©  Katarina Šoškić, Juliette Collas


by Doris Uhlich

Mucus, this biologically vital substance, triggers different reactions in people. It can provoke disgust and unease as well as arousal. The cause for its appealing and yet irritating nature can be found in our technologized society, which is driven by ideals of sterility and stability: mucus is neither solid nor liquid, neither internal nor external. Life starts out wet, we need to be towelled dry, we do not come “clean” into this world. Mucus is a primordial part of us that we lose track of over time. It’s the glue that makes the organism work, creating all sorts of connections. Still, the pandemic has made us afraid of this substance. And in science fiction, it is mostly affiliated with aliens and indicative of the non-human, the constant flow of the unknown, spreading and streaming. In Gootopia  Doris Uhlich works at the intersection of horror and fascination and makes it possible for the audience to once again delve into the vibrant processes of our metabolism.

The fluidity of bodies and their boundaries has been of major interest in the contemporary dance field for a long time. In Gootopia, synthetic mucus will literally play the part of a choreographic element to represent liquid phenomena.” – Doris Uhlich


Doris Uhlich

Concept in collaboration with
Boris Kopeinig

Pêdra Costa
Ann Muller
Andrius Mulokas
Emmanuel Obeya
Camilla Schielin
Grete Smitaite

Stage design
Juliette Collas
Philomena Theuretzbacher

Zarah Brandl

Boris Kopeinig

Phoenix (Andreas Hofer)

Dramaturgical feedback
Adam Czirak

Johanna Kirsch

Assistant director and producer
Laura Buczynski

Margot Wehinger

Stage assistant
Wanja Knoflach

Social Media
Esther Brandl

International distribution
Something Great

A co-production
insert Tanz und Performance GmbH
Tanzquartier Wien
Theater Freiburg
Dampfzentrale Bern

With the kind support
Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien und das Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport.