Photographs: Overtongue © Eli Firmeza / Illustration: © Manuela Eichner 


Artist: Michelle Moura
Country: Brazil / Germany
Type: Dance / Performance
Year of creation: 2020

At a time in which words seem to have lost value and it is difficult to distinguish the truth from lies, in her new work Overtongue Michelle Moura creates a delirious performance that is like a "chamber of echoes", an environment in which one can only encounter voices, ideas, and beliefs that coincide with their own. In Overtongue the body is permeated by the mechanical, the alienated and the grotesque. Sounds and movements are amplified by repetitions and dissociations, turning the familiar into the unknown. Overtongue is the noise of things. A promise of disintegrated statements or a cemetery of intentions.


By and with 
Michelle Moura
Dramaturgical collaboration 
Maikon K 

Sound Design 
Kaj Duncan David

Light Design 
Nadja Naira 

Space Design 
Fernando Marés 

Faetusa Tirzah

External Eye
Alejandro Ahmed 

Michelle Moura

Co-Production and Distribution 
Something Great

Centre National de la Danse

Artistic Residencies
Centre National de la Danse
Fabrik Potsdam