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Fole  © Cristiano Prim

Michelle Moura

Michelle Moura is a Brazilian choreographer, who currently lives and works in Berlin. In her works she seeks artistic strategies that relate the physical and mental to create hybrid performances of dance and sound. She has worked with a wide variety of artists as a performer.  She was a co-founding member of “Couve-Flor Minicomunidade Artística Mundial” and studied in the master’s programme in choreography at the Amsterdam University of the Arts.  Her works have been presented in major theatres and festivals from  South America and Europe, including Panorama Festival (BR), Hebbel am Uffer (DE), Musée de la danse (Rennes - FR), Santarcangelo Festival (IT), among others .


BLINK - mini unison intense lamentation

For further information about artist and other projects, please visit Michelle Moura’s website.