Photographs: Ravemachine © Theresa Rauter,  Peter Empl


In 2016, Doris Uhlich invited the dancer and choreographer Michael Turinsky to work with her in exploring the body, its physicality, energy, and ecstasy. What are the movements that act like batteries for Michael Turinsky to recharge his body? Where does the body depart to while its batteries keep filling up?

Ravemachine is a high-powered, entertaining, and intriguing dance performance that challenges our prevailing associations linked to people with physical impairments. These individuals are rarely identified with the ecstatic release of energy. They are associated with implosion rather than explosion, stagnation rather than progress.

In this collaboration between choreographer, dancer, and performance artist Doris Uhlich and dancer, choreographer, and philosopher Michael Turinsky, the interplay between human and machine, ecstasy and form, charge and discharge comes alive on stage. In sampling the sounds of her partner’s electric wheelchair, and amplifying and translating them into thumping techno beats, Uhlich generates energy that seizes Turnisky and throws him further into dance. Energy from humans and machines are transferred and transformed into a perpetual dance.

Ravemachine is a project in which two different bodies meet and mutually influence each other, exchanging impulses and expanding their own physical biographies.

We shape the dynamics of energy - Michael Turinsky

We search for movements loading the body up like a battery. Theatre is all about sharing, transforming and exchanging energies between all elements – performers, audience, machines and sounds – Doris Uhlich


Doris Uhlich

Michael Turinsky & Doris Uhlich

Gerald Pappenberger

Sound advisor
Boris Kopeinig

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