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nasa4nasa, SUASH (2017) © nasa4nasa


SUASH is the debut work of nasa4nasa. It is a choreography that centers around the concept of attraction. This creation emerged from a year-long immersion within a squash court, meticulously measured and mapped. Here, two female bodies are unveiled as functions, choreographed to harmonize with the grid.

In SUASH, nasa4nasa venerates the spatial surroundings, echoing its landscape and romanticizing the grid. The persistent focus on the duo, on achieving parity and synchronicity, forges an almost compelled connection between their bodies and the task of dancing within the space's logic. Their bodies serve as multiples, moving within the symmetry of the environment.

The choreography imposes a challenging task that foregrounds the fragility of the dance, as it could falter and disintegrate if the bodies lose their timing. Their mission is to attain equilibrium, where space, time, and pattern flawlessly align. This emphasizes both the pleasure derived from the movements and the inherent tension that accompanies the possibility of failure. The unrelenting pursuit of form within disorder remains an unattainable yearning.

The visual impact of duality and unity in SUASH demands a fixed, almost entranced gaze, captivated by the pursuit of perfection. Within this space, the bodies decode the impossibility of their task into a sensuous landscape of female relationality, offering a spectacle of visual pleasure.

SUASH stands as an ode to the squash court, celebrating its essence and allure.



Choreography and performance
Noura Seif Hassanein
Salma Abdel Salma

Asem Tag

Lighting design 
Emese Csornai
Saber El Sayed

Adam Shaalan

Commissioned by
Mophradat (Brussels)

MDT Stockholm
Kunstencentrum BUDA 
Studio Feryal

Supported by
Swedish Arts Council
Management and Distribution
Something Great