Press photos of SUN a new creation by Doris Uhlich to be premiered  on 20/10/2023 at Festspiel St.Pölten, Austria. Photos © Alexi Pelekanos, 2022. 


The journey of sunlight to our planet spans approximately eight and a half minutes. The sun operates unceasingly, producing light and warmth that are crucial to sustaining life on Earth. Despite its revered and beloved status, the sun is increasingly perceived as a potential threat or aggressive force. However, it lacks the power to prevent the overheating, fires, and combustion it causes during instances of anthropogenic climate change. In "SUN," Doris Uhlich presents us a sun performance dedicated to this celestial body, which illuminates almost all matter and has the capacity to both sustain and destroy existences. In this new work, she explores the interplay between the sun and other celestial bodies, living creatures, and inanimate matter, in close collaboration with a child.

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