Doris Uhlich, SUN, 2023. Performance at Festspielhaus St. Polten, Austria, 2023. Courtesy of the artist. Photo credits © Gerd Schneider, Juliette Collas


The journey of sunlight to our planet spans approximately eight and a half minutes. The sun operates unceasingly, producing light and warmth that are crucial to sustaining life on Earth. Despite its revered and beloved status, the sun is increasingly perceived as a threat or aggressive force. However, it lacks the power to prevent the overheating, fires, and combustion it causes during instances of anthropogenic climate change.

SUN is the second part of Doris Uhlich's melancholy trilogy. Together with a child, Doris Uhlich presents a performance dedicated to this celestial body, which illuminates almost all matter and has the capacity to both sustain and destroy existences. In this new work, Uhlich combines physical, artistic, and cultural-historical dimensions.


Concept, Choreography
Doris Uhlich

Doris Uhlich, Romy Nagl

Sandra Umathum

Juliette Collas

Stage Support
Marco Tölzer

Light Design
Leticia Skrycky

Zarah Brandl, Doris Uhlich

Boris Kopeinig

Boris Kopeinig, Doris Uhlich

Performance-Coach Child
Yoshie Maruoka

Movement and Voicework Advisor
Mani Obeya

Outside Eye
Adam Czirak

Social Media
Esther Brandl

Company Management, Production
Margot Wehinger

Something Great

Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Volkstheater Wien, Theater Rampe Stuttgart and insert Tanz und Performance GmbH / Personale Doris Uhlich Coproduction Innsbruck International. Biennial of the Arts 2024 (World Premiere Extended Version, Tiroler Landestheater)

Funded by Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria, Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport