Amanda Piña, Frontera / Border - A Living Monument, 2021.  Performance at Tanz im August, Berlin, 2021. Photo by  Dajana Lothert, 2021. Courtesy of Tanz im August, HAU

Amanda Piña 

Amanda Piña is a Mexican-Chilean artist based in Vienna and Mexico City. Since 2014, she has been developing her long-term project “Endangered Human Movements”, focusing on ancient movement practices. Within this, performances, workshops, films, installations, talks, publications, are created. Ancestral embodied practices — movements, dances, and world-making forms—re-emerge in the theatre, museum, and public spaces. 


Mountains in Resistance 
Border / Procession - A Ritual of Water
Frontera / Border - A Living Monument
Climatic Dances 
Danza y Frontera 
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