Habitat / pandemic version  ©  Alexi Pelekanos

Habitat / pandemic version

by Doris Uhlich

What does the impossibility of physical intimacy mean today?  In the original version of Habitat, the naked bodies of people slap, vibrate and clash with each other to the sound of electronic and abstract techno tracks. Such a utopian place, where bodies can freely interact, touch each other's sweaty skin and breath together, seems far, far away in view of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In Habitat / pandemic version a group of  performers celebrate their unity in diversity, even while being socially distanced. Their bodies are in search of real, communal experiences and create opportunities to connect with the collective energy. Habitat  / pandemic version remains to be an unashamed hymn on the naked body that takes us beyond cultural inscriptions and normative beauty ideals. This „pandemic version“ of Habitat not only adheres to the Covid-19 regulations but  takes them as a starting point to find new ways of connecting with each other.


Concept, Choreography
Doris Uhlich

Local performers

Boris Kopeinig

Light Design
Sergio Pessanha

Dramaturgical consultants
Sebastian Lorenz
Theresa Rauter
Rania Mleihi 

Body Tanks
Proper Space
(Juliette Collas, Zarah Brandl)

Confectionery, Tailoring
Mick Hennig

insert Tanz und Performance GmbH

Something Great

Funded by
Cultural Department of the City of Vienna