1. How can I apply for a residency?

  • You can submit your proposal to our general email or through open calls for specific residency programs that are announced on our various social media platforms. We welcome proposals from everyone and for all type of projects, as long as they are related to contemporary arts and culture. Specific eligibility criterias and requirements, if any, will be detailed in our open calls. 

2. Are there fixed dates or durations for a residency?

  • There are no fixed timeframes for residencies. Residencies are tailored according to the residents' needs. 

3. How long will it take to hear back after submitting my proposal?

  • You can expect to receive a response within three months, either with some questions from our side or to offer you a residency. Due to the high number of applications, feedback may not be provided to every applicant. If you don't hear back within three months, it means we cannot offer you a residency. 

4. Does the residency provide any kind of funding?

  • In some cases, we offer financial support to our residents. If you require funding to cover travel expenses, per diems, etc., please include this information in your application. Please note that we cannot guarantee coverage for any costs, and it depends on our financial possibilities at the time of your application.

5. Are there any commitments associated with the residency?

  • There are no requirements. The principle of residencies is "self-guidance," allowing residents to organize their time and creative process as they see fit. 

6. If i am not an artist, can i apply for a residency?

  • Yes, opportunities are available for other culture professionals such as producers, curators, writers, and researchers. Everyone is encouraged to apply.

7. Can you provide information about the types of workspaces available for artists-in-residence? 

  • Residency spaces include a multipurpose studio for various activities, a big studio for dance, theater, or performance rehearsals and other related activities, as well as access to rooms inside the castle, subject to authorization from the castle owners and where certain restrictions for their use will apply. 

8.  How many people can be accomodated?

  • There is no specific limit, but the guest artists' house that we have currently available for our residencies can only host a maximum of 4 people. Additional guests may need to be accommodated in nearby hotels or guest houses, so having your own means of transportation (car) is recommended due to the distances between Mentin and these villages.

9. Is it possible for my partner or family to stay with me in the guest house?

  • It is generally possible to bring a partner or family member with you with advance warning. The beds at our guest house can accommodate two persons sharing the same bed, but there are no cribs. If you would like to have your family joining you, please indicate this in your application form, and we will work with you to find a comfortable solution.

10. Are there any restrictions on the use of your studios or facilities during residencies?

  • While we encourage artists to have creative freedom, there may be certain restrictions in place to ensure the care for our spaces, and its safety. 

11. Are my belongings insured during the residency?

  • The studios and the house have a reliable alarm system, but personal belongings are not insured. Residents are advised to insure their valuables themselves.

12. Is catering service provided?

  • No, catering services are not provided. Residents have access to the kitchen of the guest house to prepare their own meals. Grocery shops are available in nearby villages and cities. We cannot provide a person to prepare meals for the residents during their stay with us. You should be self-sufficient in the production matters related to your residence. 

13. Is there an application fee or any costs associated with the residency?

  • There is no application fee. Additionally, there are no costs associated with using our studio spaces. However, for accomodation  there is a daily fee of 35€ plus VAT for staying in the guest house near the studios, which covers the entire house and is not calculated per person. Additional fees may apply if you wish to use rooms inside the castle for film or photo shootings.


1. Is it possible to visit your center's facilities or attend events?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our center's facilities during events. Please check our program or follow us on our social media channels for details about current or upcoming events, or feel free to contact us for specific details. If you would like to arrange a visit to meet us and check out the space, please contact us and we can work together to find a date that accommodates your schedule and ours. 

2.  Is Schloss Mentin open to the public? 

  • No, Schloss Mentin is a privately owned building and is not open to public visits. Its doors only open during public cultural events that we may organize inside the venue.

3. Is it possible to rent out your residency studios and other spaces? 

  • Our studios are primarily offered to artists for residencies without charges. We do not rent our studios on a monthly or long-term basis. In rare cases, we may consider short-term studio rentals as part of fundraising efforts to support our center's activities. If you are interested in hosting an event, photoshoot, or film shoot, please contact us via our general email address.

3. How can I get to your center?

  • By Car: Getting to our center is easy if you have a car! Detailed directions and a map can be found on Google Maps.

  • By Train: To reach our center, you can take a train to either Karstädt Banhof (with regional train connections from Berlin every hour) or Ludwigslust Banhof (with intercity train connections from both Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and Berlin Hauptbahnhof). Parchim also has a train station, but it's not recommended due to multiple stops and lack of direct connections to Berlin or Hamburg. For arranging pick-ups and drop-offs at Karstädt or Ludwigslust train stations, you can contact Prignitz Mobil. 

  • Go Green and Save with Ridesharing: For eco-friendly and budget-friendly travel, consider using the ridesharing app BlaBlaBla Car.  Our center is conveniently located near the A24 highway connecting Berlin to Hamburg (Exit Suckow). Drivers commuting between Berlin and Hamburg often offer affordable rides every hour or two. When using the app, search for 'Suckow Ruhner Berge' (to distinguish it from other Suckows in Germany) as your destination, which is just 2 km from Mentin. You can typically request a drop-off or pick-up at Schloss Mentin, a quick 2-minute drive from Suckow, by chatting with the driver in the app. It may sound complicated, but it's straightforward and can sometimes be easier than taking the train. You can check here how BlaBlaBla Car works.