Photograph: Coming Society by Susanne Kennedy & Markus Selg © Julian Röder

Susanne Kennedy 
& Markus Selg 

Susanne Kennedy & Markus Selg work together since 2016. Kennedy is a theatre director whose singular aesthetic and approach introduce a fresh current to male-centric perspectives that ground Western theatre. In her works, distorted by masks, playback dialogue, doppelgängers and multimedia, the actors confront the audience with the question: what does it mean to be human?. Selg is a multimedia artist exploring the dynamics between archaic myth, digital technology and consciousness. In his works, he examines the implications and possibilities of living in an insubstantial, virtual world, a world that has gone through complete codification and turned into a steady flow of information.


ANGELA (a strange loop)
JESSICA - An Incarnation
Algorithmic Rituals